Thematic Reports

The Special Rapporteurs produces an annual thematic report for the UN Human Rights Council, which is presented in September of each year.  The Special Rapporteur’s thematic reports focus on a particular issue or human right surrounding the mandate, contain substantive research on that issue, along with recommendations.  The last thematic report of the Special Rapporteur was on the right to information.  Thematic reports of the Special Rapporteur are translated into all six official UN languages.

Country Visit Reports

In addition, the Special Rapporteur presents country visit reports to the UN Human Rights Council in September.  Country visit reports are produced by the Special Rapporteur after conducting an official fact-finding mission to a UN member state. These reports are first shared with the concerned government, and later made public and presented before the UN Human Rights Council. The government is invited to issue a written response to the report, which is also made public. The Special Rapporteur may then issue follow-up reports at a later date. Country visit reports of the Special Rapporteur are typically not translated into all six official UN languages.

Press Releases

The Special Rapporteur issues press releases on issues of relevance to the mandate.


Made during Human Rights Council sessions and other meetings attending in his official capacity


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